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Peace be upon Abraham!

December 30, 2006

Happy Eid All My Freinds!

This Eid is seems to be assigned to moslems but historically it dedicated to all Abraham’s religions, I mean Jews, Christians and moslems.

This is the day that Prophet Abraham Comes true from a very hard test.

Let’s read the story:

[Quran 37:102-109]

When he grew enough to work with him, he said, “My son, I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?” He said, “O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient.”

They both submitted, and he put his forehead down (to sacrifice him).

We called him: “O Abraham.

“You have believed the dream.” We thus reward the righteous.

That was an exacting test indeed.

We ransomed (Ismail) by substituting an animal sacrifice.

And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

Peace be upon Abraham.

Christmas Story in the Quran!

December 27, 2006

Dear Freiends,

The story of Holy Mary and Prophet Jesus is very intresting in Quran.

I love this story my self. Peace be uppon them.

I hope my christian freinds also find it useful.

[Quran 19(Mary):16-40]

Mention in the scripture Mary. She isolated herself from her family, into an eastern location.

While a barrier separated her from them, we sent to her our Spirit. He went to her in the form of a human being.

She said, “I seek refuge in the Most Gracious, that you may be righteous.”

He said, “I am the messenger of your Lord, to grant you a pure son.”

She said, “How can I have a son, when no man has touched me; I have never been unchaste.”

He said, “Thus said your Lord, `It is easy for Me. We will render him a sign for the people, and mercy from us. This is a predestined matter.’ “

When she bore him, she isolated herself to a faraway place.

The birth process came to her by the trunk of a palm tree. She said, “(I am so ashamed;) I wish I were dead before this happened, and completely forgotten.”

(The infant) called her from beneath her, saying, “Do not grieve. Your Lord has provided you with a stream.

“If you shake the trunk of this palm tree, it will drop ripe dates for you.*

“Eat and drink, and be happy. When you see anyone, say, `I have made a vow of silence, for the Most Gracious*; I am not talking today to anyone.’ “

She came to her family, carrying him. They said, “O Mary, you have committed something that is totally unexpected.

“O descendant of Aaron, your father was not a bad man, nor was your mother unchaste.”

She pointed to him. They said, “How can we talk with an infant in the crib?”

(The infant spoke and) said, “I am a servant of GOD. He has given me the scripture, and has appointed me a prophet.

“He made me blessed wherever I go, and enjoined me to observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and the obligatory charity (Zakat) for as long as I live.

“I am to honor my mother; He did not make me a disobedient rebel.

“And peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I get resurrected.”

That was Jesus, the son of Mary, and this is the truth of this matter, about which they continue to doubt.

It does not befit GOD that He begets a son, be He glorified. To have anything done, He simply says to it, “Be,” and it is.

He also proclaimed, “GOD is my Lord and your Lord; you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path.”*

The various parties disputed among themselves (regarding the identity of Jesus). Therefore, woe to those who disbelieve from the sight of a terrible day.

Wait till you hear them and see them when they come to face us. The transgressors on that day will be totally lost.

Warn them about the day of remorse, when judgment will be issued. They are totally oblivious; they do not believe.

We are the ones who inherit the earth and everyone on it; to us everyone will be returned.

Evolution and Human mind

December 22, 2006

Dear Friends,

What you think about human mind evolution? Do you think that after thousands of years the human mind is evolving or not?

I think that evolution is valid in our phisical body as well as in our mind. And I think you should confirm that human mind is more important than human body!

But, is the modern human is better than the ancient human. I think in some parts it’s better.

Now we go to bath. We are more healthier. We have human rights. We have democracy . We have diplomacy. We have modern comunications. And so…

But We still have a lot of problems also. 9/11 , Iraq war, Palestine conflict , Soudan conflict , Nuclear conflicts , peolpe need food in many points of the world and so…

Moslems, Christians & Jews believe that one day a hero will come and the real justice will happen then.

I think this is the evolution of human minds.

In that day the human mind is evolved so that accepting the justice.They accept to be equal to each other. They accept to be equal from any city, country or religion or color. They accept to be brothers and sisters and living together in peace. They accept these not because they cannot fight together, But because they belive that they are equal in their humanity. Do you need to fight with other parties before election? No. Democracy solved this problem.

The problem of injustices and murders will solve also in that day. And the human will experince a different history from then.

[Quran 21:105]

We have decreed in the Psalms, as well as in other scriptures, that the earth shall be inherited by My righteous worshipers.

I think this will obviuosly happen because of evolution of our minds.

Sepehr Mohamadi

P.S. Take a look at this intresting picture also!

Evolution and Quran

December 20, 2006

Dear Freinds,

Some traditional thinking is that evolution is opposite the God Existance. And some other religious people are also opposite evolution.

But I believe that evolution not only is not opposite God but also can be working together so well.

The problem rose when people forget that God is existed and created every thing in start, When it grows and after it grows. And also guide it to it’s path to grow.

There are several verses in Quran that is not opposite evolution but also can accept it.

I mention two one here:

The first one is when prophet Moses wants to introduce God to Pharaoh:

[Quran 20:50]

He said: Our Lord is He Who gave to everything its creation, then guided it (to its goal).

This verse shows that God is created everything (including human , animal and anything else) then guided them to theire path. And what then they do? They evolving or growing obviously.

The other verse is this:

[Quran 24:45]

And GOD created every living creature from water. Some of them walk on their bellies, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. GOD creates whatever He wills. GOD is Omnipotent.

This verse is also very clear.(imho)

Every creature is created in water ( as evolution said) and then they changed to several types some of them walk on theire bellies (creeping) and …

So, I believe that evolution is not opposite believing to God but also can be true both together.

I belive same thing in soul evolutions also.


Sepehr Mohamadi

Is the human being the best creature?

December 16, 2006

Hello every body.

There exist some people that believe the human being is the best creature that God creates.It’s a kind of food for our ego to be the best creature in the whole world!

But is it real? Are we the best creatures that God has created yet?

Quran says in this way:

[Quran 17:70]

We have honored the children of Adam, and provided them with rides on land and in the sea. We provided for them good provisions, and we gave them greater advantages than many of our creatures.

So don’t be proud so much!

God gave us greater advantages than many of his creatures but not all of them.

So there may exist some other creatures with more advantages than us.

We should be humble and don’t try to be better than others even human or other creatures.

Avoid from evils and devote youself to God

December 13, 2006

[Quran 39:17,18]

As for those who discard the worship of all idols, and devote themselves totally to GOD alone, they have deserved happiness. Give good news to My servants.

They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom GOD has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

December 9, 2006

Dear Friends,

Here is a new game, found at Catherine‘s blogs.

1. Each player starts with honestly answering these questions.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own providing their answers.

3.At the end you need to choose 6-20 people to be tagged and list their names.  (Catherine changed the rules, shoot Catherine!!!) 

4.Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “TAG… YOU’RE IT” and tell them to read your blog.” ( It’s a bit too long ..but it is worth the fun ! )

OK! I’m normally is not accepting to participate in such games but as Catherine and Larra two persons of my valued freinds tagged me I have no choice to accept!Image

1. Where were you 1 hour ago? I’m now at my office! Working hard! Saturday is not Holiday in Iran.By the way one houre ago I was at home and play with my small daughter Shokoofe.

2. Who will be your next kiss? A hard question! Maybe my daughters or my wife or my father and mother.Image

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?  oops! I cannot find anything! Here is my office! No woman here! That maybe the reason!Image

4. When is the last time you went to the mall?  Yesterday with my wife! Friday is Holiday in Iran

5. Are you wearing socks right now?  Yes! If I were home the answer was No.

6. When was the last time you went out of town?  Last Sunday! I go to visit my grandmother’s graveImage

7. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?  If you mean Cinema No. If you mean watching a movie, Yes.

8. What was the last thing you had to drink? Tea.I drink tea normally every morning.

9. What are you wearing right now?  My Normal dress for outside home. It’s cold now in Tehran.

10. Have you been in a car wash? Yes, almost every month. I never doing it myself!Image

11. Last thing you ate? Sangak bread (A very tasteful Iranian bread) with butter and tea and also milk and banana shaked together – that’s dedicated to my wife because she milk our daughter but I taste it so that be sure everything is ok! Taste with just a cup!

12. Where were you last week on Saturday?  Last week on Friday I was outside in a park with my wife and two doughters and it was snowing and it was very intresting day.

13. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?  No.For myself but for my family Yes!  

14. When was the last time you ran?  Long time ago! I’m changing to a machine!

15. What’s the last sporting event you watched?  I never watch sports on TV! I prefer to partipate but hate watching without any action!

16. What is your favorite class?  Managment and Leadership.

17. Your dream vacation?   To New Zealand.The heaven on the earth!

18. Last 3 people’s houses you were in? My father and mother’s house, My wife’s  father and mother’s house, My grandmother house.

19. How old are your parents? 65 My father and 60 my mother (33 myself,30 my wife)

21. Do you miss anyone?  Yes. Who is that not missed anyone??

22. Last play you saw?  Yesterday with my doughter I have seen Nemo,The fish.It was great!Image

23. What are your plans for today?  Completting my peronal website.

24. Who is the last person that commented on your page?  Iamanda or Larra

25. Ever go to camp?  Yes,But long time ago

26. Were you an honor roll student in school?  I think I was.But if you mean that do I was calm. No never!

27. What do you want to know about the future? I prefer living in present. But if I can choose one,Let me know the stock that rocks!

28. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?  Yes, Bizhan Persia is great.

30. Where is your best friend located?  Everywhere I’m with him! God.

31. Do you have a tan?  No.

32. How old do you want to be/were you when you have kids?  I think I have my kids in a good time I was 27 when my first daghter is gifted by God to us.

33. Do you collect anything?  I just collecting small pieces of love.

34. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over? I’m good most of time but Last Tursday when I was out with my wife!!Image

35. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?  Never mind!Image

36. How do you like your drinks?  Cold drinks, with ice I prefer.

37. Do you like hot sauce?  No. I prefer avarage I of everything.

38. Last time you took a shower?  Yesterday.Image 

39. Who do you have a crush on?  Please ask my freinds!Image

40. What is your mood? Fresh and energitic now.

41. Are you someone’s best friend?  Yes,I think.

42. Are you rich?  No,If you speak about money. But I think I’m rich because I don’t require people to help me!

Now I should tag someone, Yes?

iamanda , P.K , celticangel_dm , Rachel T , Wayne , Hassan , niloofar

It’s a chain that recieved to you my freinds!

Who should make the decision for change?

December 8, 2006

[Quran 13:11]

GOD does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change.

Tell me why?

December 4, 2006


Are we the modern human?

What’s wrong?