No one will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians!!!

[Quran 2:111,112]

Some have said, “No one will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians!” Such is their wishful thinking. Say, “Show us your proof, if you are right.”

Indeed, those who submit themselves absolutely to GOD alone, while leading a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord; they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

Dear Friends,

Many religious leaders may fear you and may say you that you will not go to Paradise if you are not accepting their kind of leaving and their kind of thinking or don’t follow them!

But God’s words are not that!

If you have any religion but submit to the creator of universe and lead a righteous life,

Never mind, Take it easy and Laugh to all of them!

Sepehr Mohamadi

7 Responses to “No one will enter Paradise except Jews or Christians!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have always believed in a one unifying order that we all come from and will one day return. No matter who you are or what you beleive, we will all make it to our place in the afterlife. There are definatly many obsticles to go through in this life and so much other stuff that we are told to truly find oneself. If we could live without accusing the others of their thoughts we should all be better for for it.

  2. †Α♥Amy†Ամի♥Ω† Says:

    No one will enter Paradise except muslems;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    No! My friend, Amy, Not only Quran never claimed that! But also absolutly denied it.

    Everyone that believe to God and do the righteous works will go to paradise.

    Many Quran verses said this.

  4. Anonymous Says:


    اميدوارم همگی همديگرو در بهشت زيارت کنيم

  5. P. K Says:

    Well, I won’t judge that one… I have read all my life, in almost every holy book, we are not to judge, or we will be judged accordingly. And so, as far as I read, but do not “know” for fact [no one has come back to tell us ;-)], we will go, if we believe in God/Allah, and do good works… doesn’t mater. Now if you worship other than God/Allah [man, idols], you may have a problem… we won’t know till the time comes for judgement… Hold on to your heart and the Great Spirit, love that Spirit always… Namaste’

  6. Anonymous Says:

    و هرگز دینی جز اسلام از شما پذیرفته نمی شود
    quran claims this !

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yes,Shaahin , the correct meaning of the verse you qouted in persianis this:

    Anyone who accepts other than Submission as his religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the losers.

    Submission is the meaning of Islam, Maybe there is some calling Muslims that are not submittd to Allah and the truth that falling to them so they are not submitters an maybe there are non-Mulims that are submitted to God and to any truth comming to them, so the are submitters.

    Sepehr Mohamadi

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