Giving up bidding for good and forbidding from evil results mischievous to be your governors!!!

Dear Friends,

Imam Ali Advised his Son when he was struck (fatally with a sword):

[Nahj-al-Balaghah will:47]

Do not give up bidding for good and forbidding from evil lest the mischievous gain positions over you, and then if you will pray, the prayers will not be granted.

The most important part of bidding for good and forbidding from evil is claiming against governors.

Iranian people avoided to join the last presidency election and the result was President Ahmadinejad!

So if we still follow that way the result will be worse and worse!!!

I hope more Iranian people go out from Idealist and think realist and rational and choose “Bad” over “Worse”


Sepehr Mohamadi

9 Responses to “Giving up bidding for good and forbidding from evil results mischievous to be your governors!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Considerable writing Sepehr!
    Tell you the truth, I’ve not decided if I will vote or not.
    But your words seem to be rational.

  2. BanafsheH Says:

    کاملاً باهاتون موافقم
    کاش ما ایرانی ها دست از این افکار ایده آلیستی مون بر می داشتیم
    و کمی با واقعیت مأنوس می شدیم

  3. Anonymous Says:

    True democracy is when peoples’ votes count!

    I do not know the “true” situation in your country my friend, but I sincerely hope each of your countrymen go out to vote and the government in turn reciprocate by putting in position the peoples’ choice!

    Best wishes!! 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Voting is your right to have sho you think would do the best in that position. I have till this day not found anyone I would want to have in any office to repesent me. Through a vote you speak the truth keep the bad and keep the worst out. I doubt there will ever be any perfect one, until that day keep the worst out and hope that it will keep getting better. You yourself can also get your ideas out there and see how many will follow you! You are the furure of your country and government!
    Take care and best wishes!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    sho is suppose to say who you think would do the best in that position. I should of proof read this.;)

  6. P. K Says:

    I agree with Rationale…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    migamkhater khaui bad dardye ,agekhaterkhay ahmadi nejadi be ma rabti nadare ,to rokhoda aksesho bardar

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks every body!
    Thanks for your understanding and hopes.

    Ahmadinejad yek ensan ast.Garche momken ast manva shoma ba oo az jahate siasi ham soo nabashim, garche momken ast enteghadate shadidi be oo bekonim, meslebloge digare man ke oo ra ba feron moghayese karde am ba bush, vali hargez bana nadaram ke e oo tohin konam!

    Takhribe shakhsiate doshman az khatahaye ma dar gozashte va hal boode ast,

    Ba ehteram,
    Sepehr Mohamadi

  9. P. K Says:

    If you don’t vote, you will have no one to blame but yourself if you get a rotten egg in there… the more that vote the better chances of getting someone in office that you want and getting the one you don’t want out. Best of all on this one Sepehr…

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