Happy Nowruz to All around the world!

O Reformer of Hearts and Minds,

O Director of Day and Night ,

O Transformer of Conditions ,

Change ours to the best in accordance with Your will.

Dear Friends,

The new Iranian Year, that is starting with spring is coming within several hours from now. The year is changing in one moment all around the world. The above prayer is read by Iranians in the moment that is the year is exchanged in their families. The exact time in several cities around the globe are as below:

Iranian New Year, 1387, begins on Tuesday March 20, 2008
Thu. 09:18:219 AM , Toronto:Thu. 01:48:19 AM , Los Angeles:Wed. 10:48:19 PM , London:Thu.05:48:19 AM , Sidney Thu. 04:48:19 PM

For more information about the Iranian New year and Nowrooz take a look at the following sites:

Norooz in Wikipedia

Norooz website in Canada

6 Responses to “Happy Nowruz to All around the world!”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    May God accept our prayers in His own will!*
    How nice page you’ve made!*

    Happy Norooz to all, also Happy norooz to you, your family and whoever you love!

    Keep all in your prayers in the moment of new year return*

    Blessing * Peace

  2. Anonymous Says:


    اميد که خداوند به خواست خودش دعاهامون رو برآورده کنه!*
    چه صفحهقشنگی درست کردی!*

    نوروز بر همه، و همچنين بر تو، خانواده خوبت و مه آنکس که دوستشون داری مبارک باشه!*

    همه رو در لحظه تحويل دعا کن!*

    عافيت * آرامش

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Anonymous Says:

    ___________@_______@@ @ _________
    ______________@ _____FRIENDSHIP__

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ***** لحظه لحظه زندگی بهار باد ******
    ******بهاری نه از جنس زمين، که از جنس آسمان *****

    سال نو مبارک

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